Guaranty terms

Chrisafis Company guaranties that the mechanical part of this product will remain in good working condition during the guaranty period (2 years). In case that the product proves faulty during the guaranty period, our company will repair or replace it without a charge in the materials. This service can be provided upon the presentation of the invoice or the consignment note that has been issued on the purchase of the product where the date of the purchase shows clearly. The company retains the right to refuse the repair of the guaranty, if the date has been removed or changed after the initial purchase of the product, or if the date is different from the data retained in the company’s files. Moreover, the company retains the right to replace the faulty product with an equivalent product that is of the same or alike quality to that of the faulty product but without the defect, instead of replacing the product.


Guaranty period

Two years from the day of the purchase.


Guaranty service

Guaranty service can be realised in the company’s infrastructure. All expenses for the safe transfer of the product from and to the company are covered by the customer. If the product has been transferred to a different country, the product has to be returned back to the country of the original purchase, so that the guaranty can be activated. The service can be performed in the customers’ property by the authorised service team from the moment that the product has been fixed upon the customer’s domical features. This service can be verified with the adequate consignment note. In this case, the logistical cost of the service team and/or of the spare parts to the customer’s property is covered by the customer at the minimum cost of a service session.


Legal Disclaim (Limitations)

The guaranty does not cover:

  • Periodical checks on the product that attest to its good working operation, maintenance and to the repair or change of its spare parts due to natural wear and tear.
  • Consumable supplies.
  • Defects that have been caused by non-authorised, intentional or unintentional interventions or alterations to the product.
  • Required expenses for the conversion or alteration of a product towards its adaptation to a different mode of operation than the originally designated.
  • Required expenses for the conversion or alteration of a product towards its adjustment to specialised terms or regulations that have been redefined after the delivery of the product.
  • Defects incurred due to improper use, overuse, operation or handling of the product that is not compatible to the instructions prescribed in the manual/or in the relevant users’ documentation, including the cases of fall, submission of the product to excessive tremors and product misuse.
  • Defects due to the use of incompatible spare parts or consumables to the product.
  • Defects due to the connection of the product with a non-authorised equipment.
  • Defects due to the insufficient or improper packaging of the product during its return to the company.
  • Defects due to accidents or damage of any kind that exceeds the control of the manufacturer. These damages may include (without this list being exhaustive) electric fuse, water, fire, public unrest, improper ventilation.
  • Defects due to negligence or insufficient maintenance of the product.
  • Defects due to natural disasters or accidents.
  • Defects incurred due to improper installation of the product by a non-authorised Chrisafis or Liritis technician and due to failure to follow to the exact the installation instructions and the notifications as prescribed in the manual and the relevant users’ documentation that comes with the product.


7 days per week 24 hours per day

The service department of Chrisafis Company is the only one that offers coverage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days of the year for any emergency.

Guaranteed repairs from people with expertise in specialised products.




2 years material guaranty

The construction of our products is of high quality. They reach you after excruciating inspection and are provided with detailed installation manual. Alternatively, their installation is carried by our specialised team.

Chrisafis Company ascertains that the mechanical part of this product will remain in good working conditions during the guaranty period.

Still, if any problems occur, please call the service team (210-5731080) of our company.