When deciding on shutters

You might be thinking that buying a shutter for your house or company is an easy task. But it isn’t.

There are many different types of design and colours depending on the function of the shutter.

The most commonly occurring questions are the following: What is a shutter? How will they look in my property? What is the most popular type of shutter at this moment?

Why should I install rolling shutters?

When the need for the protection of your domicile or business arises, you will need a protection system that will provide extensive coverage.

In the following essay you can find information on LIRITIS shutters that can comprehensively secure your space.

By installing rolling shutters you are protecting your business from vandalism or theft in the most attractive way. By installing rolling shutters you can secure the entrance, intermediary separation walls, storage rooms or wardrobes.

Required checks for the proper maintenance of your rolling shutter

In order to keep your rolling shutters in prime condition, it is necessary that they are submitted to occasional checks and the necessary maintenance.


The proprietor (or his representative) should check once a month the rolling shutter for any cricks or any damage to its parts. In any case, it should not be attempted to be repaired by non-authorised technicians. It is the responsibility of the proprietor to call once a year our authorised service team in order to run the following standard check and maintenance services:


Release of the industrial motor

LIRITIS electric operated rolling shutters that are equipped with a lateral motor can be also manually operated with the help of a winding handler or chain. When using a winding handler, we place it in the indicated loop on the motor and we start winding the handle so that the shutter responds. If we have the chain option, then we do not use the spare chain that is found on the motor, but we start pulling the main chain so that the shutter responds. In order to activate back the electric operation, we should then pull the green end of the spare chain.

How to release your shutter in the event of a power failure

LIRITIS electric operated rolling shutters that are equipped with a main motor can be also manually operated through the motors’ metal lanyard, if need arises. The metal lanyard is fitted either to the inner side of the opening within a plastic cone or to the exterior of the opening in a metal box with a key (blidoor). Manual operation through the plastic cone can be achieved after we undo the cone, so that the lanyard starts being pulled, the motor brake releases, and the shutter starts operating manually.