Safety rolling shutters for balcony doors

  • L110D

The open type rolling shutters with flat or curved profile are suitable for balcony doors and windows. They offer the maximum security level.

They are constructed of hot dip galvanized aluminium sheets that are submitted to a dense perforation process with wholes extending to 2.5mm. in diameter. The final product presents high transparency values without compromising the security that it offers.


The thickness of the galvanized sheet is 1.00mm. That means that even after the perforation process, the durability of the product is not compromised.

The rolling shutters can be electronically or manually operated with the appropriate automation systems. The rolling shutters unfolds along the appropriate guides. The latter may carry at their ends rubber or brushes. The lowest profile of the rolling shutter is further reinforced to achieve sturdiness, while it has a rubber at the bottom for additional sealing.


Technical specifications:

  • Transparency percentage of the total surface: 33%

  • Classical flat (L110) or curved (L80) profile

  • Maximum ventilation level