Rolling shutters of galvanized steel profiles with flat or curved cross section (solid or vented)

  • L80
  • L80
  • L80D
  • L110D

LIRITIS rolling shutters constitute a particularly adaptable product that can be equally used in commercial and residential environments, as garage doors, or in factories and warehouses as industrial rolling shutters.

We dispose a great range of materials, profiles, colours and compact automation systems, extending from frontal and lateral motors, control panels, safety and control edge systems and disentangling remote controls.

The different types of shutter operation methods, as defined by a central motor and a spring tensioned or a lateral motor, suggest the domestic (10 to 15 openings per day) or industrial use of the shutter.

These rolling shutters constitute extruded security options that can meet the most demanding requirements in terms of safety, added insulation and customisation to the lay out of the protected property. The shutters are constructed of panel galvanized steel that is cold rolled by cylinder edge rolling tube forming machine. These profiles are interwoven to form a shutter and can be folded around an axial operation when the appropriate remote control is applied. The profiles can be discerned in the following categories: flat (L110) and curved (L80).


L110 - L110D

The recommended option. The L110 rolling shutter is of galvanized steel profiles with flat cross section. It is made of galvanized steel with thickness from 0.6mm to 1.2mm, depending on your needs. The product consists of the following components: shaft, curtain, guide rails and shutter box.


Versatility; the product is disposed in a variety of colours. Equally, the shutter box can be colour matched with the operation to produce a better aesthetic result. According to the customers’ requirements and the frequency of its use, the product can be supplied as electronically or manually operated. In the same time, we provide the fitting of vented openings that allow light and vision or we can combine the product with its perforated match, the rolling shutter L110D.




  • Hot dip galvanised steel
  • Classic flat appearance
  • Available thickness: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm
  • Ventilation option
  • Matched with its perforated equivalent L110D
  • Ability for a large percentage of transparency
  • The best-selling option for commercial businesses
  • Low cost


L80 - L80D


The safest option; the L80 rolling shutter of galvanized steel profiles with curved cross section is made of galvanized steel (thickness 0,6 mm up to 1.0 mm depending on your needs). It has optimized cross section and reinforcements at key points for improved durability and reliability, even when fitted in extremely wide openings and regions with high wind pressure. The profile of the rolling shutter that touches the ground is extensively reinforced and consolidated so that it delivers the highest levels of security. The product is further provided with a sealing rubber band that ensures the outmost adaptability and tightness of the rolling shutter to your space.


This is a product that adapts to your needs. Depending on the use frequency and the customers’ requirements, it can be electronically or manually operated. The product is disposed in a variety of colours. Equally, the shutter box can be colour matched with the operation to produce an ideal aesthetic result.




  • Hot dip galvanised steel
  • Contemporary look, wavy appearance
  • Material thickness: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm and under special requirement 1.2mm
  • Heavy and very rigid
  • Maximum resistance to wind load
  • Relative large amount of springs and heavy-duty motors required
  • Small winding diameter
  • Contemporary aesthetic
  • Ventilation option when matched with its perforated equivalent L80D