Rolling shutter made of double wall curved galvanized steel profile with insulation

  • L2IN


The L2IN rolling shutters have a double wall galvanized steel profile with polyurethane insulation. The particular profile of the product, with its micro-neurones and the slightly curved internal surface facilitates the folding of the shutter around the shaft. The L2IN model has been thus proved as the ideal option for domestic garage doors.


This is the most silent rolling shutter. With a double wall galvanized steel profile with polyurethane insulation, thickness of each side 0.4 mm, the L2IN rolling shutter is the most reliable product for the coverage of spaces with high insulation and durability requirements. Moreover, the horizontally arranged micro-neurones enhance the durability and safety of the product. In particular, the technical specifications of the product can be summarised as follows:

  • The high-density polyurethane insulation between the walls not only advances the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of the product but also reinforces the sturdiness of the construction.
  • The special cross- section of the L2IN model ensures the silent operation of the shutter during its duty cycle.
  • The model can be also combined with non-breakable transparent elements “openings” that enhance the surveillance of the outer space and provide your inner space with natural light.
  • It improves the aesthetic result.
  • The product is disposed in a great variety of colours that produce an ideal aesthetic result.