Parking and traffic control products

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Fold-down and fixed security parking barriers

Fold-down and fixed security parking barrier

They protect private space from illegal vehicle entry and parking, and they also prevent car theft when the car is parked. They prevent parking in front of doors leading to merchandise loading zones.

In the same time, they protect your building from attempted break-ins by running the door down.

When the barrier is folded down, it allows free passage to vehicles and pedestrians. When folded down, the barrier’s height is insignificant (less than 6cm); by that way, it allows free passage even to the lowest of vehicles.

All fold-down barriers lock with a special padlock included in the package. Strong folding feet with rounded edges and predrilled installation points ensure functionality and quick installation.

Products with all installation materials (plugs and screws) are included in a level cardboard box, 60cm x 80cm x 5cm.

They constitute an ideal solution for large parking areas (in offices, companies, department stores, etc.), where availability of parking spaces is essential for use by regular customers or executives. Municipal authorities can turn certain areas into pedestrian zones by allowing vehicle transportation periodically at specific times for catering exclusively.

This turns particularly useful in tourist areas, where traffic management is tough and there are changing needs. Self-adhesive red reflective films attached to all fold-down barriers render them distinct even at a distance. Fold-down barriers can be installed along pavements to securely separate pedestrians from traffic.

Car dealers and car exhibition areas can use the barriers to protect not only parking spaces but also the cars parked on their property.

In the case when a car needs to moved, barriers can be easily unlocked and rotated in a horizontal position allowing passage and facilitating entry and exit.

All in all, fold-down parking barriers constitute the simplest and most cost-effective way to ensure that your private parking space outside your house or shop will always be available.


Traffic safety posts

Flexible parking sign postThey are particularly sturdy and flexible. They include self-adhesive red reflective films attached to them that render them distinct even in the night time. They constitute an ideal solution for bus lanes, the periodical turn of streets into one ways, the prevention of parking in front of garage doors, traffic control, dangerous turns, etc.






Rubber curb ramps

Rubber curb rampThey are made of strong, high density rubber and provide smooth transition from the street to the pavement or for any standard curbs. Great for wheel chairs, moving dollies and cars.




Parking blocks

Parking blockThese products are placed on the surface of a parking space and mean to define the parking area of a vehicle. They are made of sturdy, painted (yellow/black) plastic for highest durability.




Traffic cones

Traffic conesTraffic cones are orange with red reflective films attached to them that render them distinct even from a distance. They can be applied on diverse contexts such as works under progress, lorry waiting zones, temporary loading zones. They are made of sturdy plastic material.






Speed humps

Speed humpThey are constructed of special, sturdy plastic material that proves particularly resilient in open air conditions and durable under conditions of mechanical deterioration. They are recommended in cases of streets where low speed limit needs to be enforced, such as streets close to schools or streets of limited width.




Cycle stands

Cycle standThe most ingenious way for bike parking.





Flexible parking sign posts / Spring posts

Flexible parking sign post / Spring postThey are made of sturdy plastic material that ensures their safety and durability.









Metal parking sign posts

Metal parking sign postsFixed or detached metal posts with key. They prevent access to spaces like pavements, yards etc. and they mark areas. They bear on their top loop for suspension.








Rubber bumpers/ wallguards

Rubber bumper / wallguardOur rubber bumpers are made of rubber, are easily visible and are pre-drilled to fix to the supporting element.









Rubber corner guards

Rubber corner guardRubber corner guards are made of plastic and mean to protect both the vehicles and the walls or columns on which they are mounted. They are equipped with reflective features in order to be easily discernible and are pre-drilled to fix to the supporting element.





Safety mirrors

Safety mirrorSafety mirrors are mostly placed outdoors or indoors, as mounted on columns or walls. The smallest mirror is 35cm in diameter, while the biggest 80cm.