Folding fence scissor gates

D-Fence scissor gates, as constructed of galvanized solid steel rods 12 x 12 mm, constitute the ideal solution for the protection of your house, cottage or store against forced entry by imposing an unbreakable barrier in front of doors, windows and any kind of openings.


Thanks to their construction of galvanized solid steel rods 12 x 12 mm, they are essentially indestructible, unless the intruder has plenty of time and the adequate equipment at his disposal. The ergonomic design of the product allows the rotation of the folded gate around the axle brackets and by this way, it ensures maximum clear passage width.


Technical specifications:

  • It can be installed in front of doors and windows of houses and stores

  • Great variety of customized sizes both in width and hight

  • Constructed of galvanized solid steel rods 12 x 12 mm

  • Powder polyester painted in various RAL colours (50 colours are readily available)

  • Safety lock

  • Overhead track facilitates handling

  • Requires very little space, since the folded gate leaves pivot up to almost 180 degrees

  • Can be held in open position by an arresting hook

  • Easy installation in most case fittings

  • Practical and virtually maintenance free